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Saturday, 12 November 2011

What's For Lunch...

After dropping Max to work, getting some shopping done , paying some bills, and deciding to attack the 'vegie patch' I started looking around the kitchen, for something to eat. I came up with a few ingredients...

Crusty bread ,Tomato, Some Gypsy Ham, onion, Rocket,
Mustard, Basil, Dill, and Garlic.

I toasted some slices of bread, rubbed them with a piece of cut Garlic,
then after adding the Mustard, piled all the other ingredients' on and put them on a long serving platter.
Just perfect with iced lemon barley water, with slices of fresh lemon..

Lovely and fresh.... and you won't believe I haven't used Blue Costello, or Smoked Salmon...
(hang on... I could have that for dinner.)

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