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Monday, 13 June 2011

Back At The Church Garden...Time For A Tidy Up

Marj and Helen and I decided to clean up the garden ...of course Ken came to help,
Suzanne called in for lunch, Karen called past, as did Carolyn and Deborah.
Even though lots of things change, every so often it's like old times.

Picking the last of the Tomatoes.

Seedlings just begining to grow.
The end of the harvest...Green Tomato Pickle comming up.

More mulch and soil, and reorganising the bamboo stakes.

Hard at work.

It all looks so much better.

Getting the ties just right.

Nice gloves Helen.

Sometimes we need to pull up a bit of rubbish and get rid of some junk to make room for new things to grow. (insert, if you wish, the concepts around old ideas or beliefs or ways of doing things.)
It's about a lot of things,  a garden has many lessons to teach.
We need to be paying attention , and be prepared to look for the simple things....
like, left over spotty but never the less useful end of season green tomatoes.


  1. yesturday you picked your last tomatoes, and I found my first little tomato,just a green bulge. and so we now have to devise a plan to protect it from the nasty frost. we want at least one tomato and lettuce sandwich from the garden. is that rhubarb coming up.

  2. does that garden bed get much sun between the fence and the building.

  3. Hi Buzza,
    Hope you do get your sandwich...I'm cooking up green tomato pickle right this minute, hope it turns out ok.
    And yes the garden does end up getting quite a bit of sun, and is quite protected.
    And no, it's not rhubarb(although we do have some) it;s chard,
    Love mith J