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Saturday, 30 April 2011

jon foreman learning how to a good way

This is the song that Alex and Ben sang at John's funeral,
 it was beautiful then and it's beautiful now...
I always liked what it had to say, and I'm glad I can listen to it now


Everyone's A Princess....

Just for a chance to get a bit dressed up...and in celebration of the "Royal Wedding".

In celebration of the "Royal Wedding"

Last night there was a bit of a get together to watch "the Wedding".
It was a fairly 'girly" doo.... and everyone made the effort to frock up.
There were tiaras aplenty, lot's of fun.
And the food was sensational.

the table looked great

the menu


beautiful grazing platter of local produce

all the ladies

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Today was my last day of holidays....

I spent the morning at Cloudhill....

vivid colour at the gate

so beautiful...

golden light

the function centre

through an archway

stairs to the next level

and back down....

sunshine on the border

back through the archway

the hidden garden

I went to the Cloudhill nursery today and it was so beautiful. We wandered in the Autumn sunshine, it was such a perfect day.

Beautiful Cloudhill nursery and much colour

The Autumn colours, what's not to like....