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Thursday, 25 August 2011

I See You Baby....

Yesterday I went and helped Yve with a bit of clearing of the Bradfield house.
 (Mostly deciding which box or category to put the never ending contents of the bookshelf in.)
Aside from the books.... I came home with 2 tripods. One quite substantial, and the other light and portable.
They're lovely and fit easily, and well with my camera.
here's a bit of photo booth to try and let you have a look.

It's such an incredible job,
 deciding where things go and what's going to happen to stuff,
(and to people)
 when someone passes away.
It's never easy, and has the potential to bring out the best and the worst in those affected.
It's not always possible to see the good, but in this case,
 I'm thankful and delighted to have the connection with my dear John in so much of my photography.


  1. "aside from the books " sounds like you may need a new bookshelf. I'm so glad Yve invited you on the adventure, sounds like it could be a life's work.

  2. The books actually went to the opp shop, there are boxes and boxes that are going into storage, I think it will be like a huge time capsule that won't get opened for 20 years, then someone else will have to decide what goes to the opp shop all over again.