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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Still waiting...

I'm packed and ready and just waiting for a lift to the airport.
I've been looking at stuff around the blog sphere, and yes, playing with photo booth, 

wearing the big necklace....
and an extra cardigan,
so hard to pack for warm, when it's cool today.

Bon Voyage.....

I'm off to see the big wide world, there will be adventure aplenty,
 and I'm sure, many a story to tell.
All of this means dear reader that I'll be 'off the air'....until mid October.

Forget me not...

I'm hoping to take lots and lots of pics,
which I will no doubt torture you all with on my return.
Stay safe, and well, and I'll be thinking of you.
Love Jo.
ps...I'm hoping Rozie will have lots to talk to you about as well.

Monday, 5 September 2011

One More SleepTo Go...

The trip awaits,
with lots of nervous excitement and anticipation.

Can't wait....

I'll see you in my dreams.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Alex sent me these photos thismorning,

They were taken on a medium format camera by one of her bosses.
Love the black and white mood.
I'll see if I'm exceeding my space on blogger, as I can't seem to minimise the quality



Georgie and Max

The Traveller has returned...

Sneak a peak at the travel pics...

In London

Cobble stones, and shadows

Grant and Alex

Buskers three 

Alex, Max and Georgie

My Favourite New Cookbook

Last weekend I became the proud owner of the Peter Gilmore cookbook Quay,
 it's so beautiful. As a book the production is superb, the whole feel of it is amazing.
When I first encountered this book last year (at christmas,while brousing in a bookshop.)
I had such an emotional reaction.
Which was a bit over the top, but I do love a good cook book.

This is a little look

The cover
Beautiful photography.

lots of his famous sea pearls.

This is a 'tapioca sea pearl' with octapus.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Does Love Win, Or Does Hate Win..

Last night I watched a programme on SBS that told a bit of the story of a woman who was 14 at the outbreak of WW2, she ended up working in the house /villa of a Nazi official and witnessed terrible events during that time.

The programme was really about a meeting she had with this officials daughter (she was born to his mistress at the end of the war), 
The whole thing was so sad, these were people who were caught up in terrible events, that really stemmed from prejudice and hatred. 
However they were looking at how to go forward under the circumstances, with forgiveness and understanding. 

At work today I heard a song that reminded me of all the misunderstanding and hatred that people, particularly minority groups suffer. It struck me as I listened to the words, that I'm closely aligned to some of those minority, or marginalised groups....not that I'm Jewish, but my surname is, and My children have a mix of Jewish blood.....

This is the song that got me thinking. 

(Hope no ones offended by some of the language)