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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Still in the 80's

Another pic I found yesterday,
It's me riding 'Pralene" the camel.

When I was at Cornerstone in Bourke,
we had a guy with a gypsy caravan drawn along by camels, stay with us on his way through.
He gave us camel rides in return.

It's very wobbly and kind of scarey up there.
(note the ethnic fashion statement, it was actually made in Afganistan and was suited to the desert.)

Saturday, 30 July 2011

And Just A Bit More....

When Jacob was a kitten,
me in vintage Trent Nathan.
(now worn by Miss Muffet)

And again, only this was a big day out, including train trip.
Black velvet lace up bolero over top....

Beautiful Buzza, check the earings, it must have been Christmas.

Just Because I Can...More From The Olden Days...

These look so old don't they ...almost like they were taken in the 20's not the 80's.
I can't remember what camera they were taken on,
maybe Buzza will remember.

Penny and Kathy beside the pool.

Me praying at the door of the chapel.

Two babes in the woods.

Mith "C", at Alfred Nicolas Gardens, with golden leaves.
(so very Pre Raphaelite)

Now our daughters look more like this...that's the passage of time.

Memory Lane...

After posting the" Models At Maroonda"....I was thinking about a day many years ago where Kathy, Penny and I took photos at Monsalvat.
I've dug up this one of me, throwing "Basil"(the fox) up in the air, outside the Great Hall.
It was so foggy and gloomy but somehow that all added to the atmosphere.
I must see if I can find the rest of the pics from that day.
Such crazy fun we had.
Ps, it's amazing how scanning works...I'm loving it.

Models At Maroonda.....

While taking photos at the dam yesterday I happened upon a fashion photo shoot.
Kind of a surprise, being so cold and windy and mucky underfoot.
The high heels were carried more than worn.
Such a strange looking structure, but great as a backdrop.

Swapping the heels for the 'ugg' boots.

Nearly there.

Off to the next location.

Nice heels.

Path to nowhere. 

Winter steps.

Reminds me of taking photos at Monsalvat with my sisters all those years ago.

Friday, 29 July 2011

At Maroonda Dam....

We've had so much rain lately that the waterways are full and overflowing.
The overflow at the dam, is no exception.
It was beautifull and exciting, all that thunderous noise of rushing water.

Looking up the quiet side creek as you cross the bridge.
You can just see the dam wall in the background.

Looking up at the overflow.

Water rushing over the crest.

Frothing as it hits the stone.

More gushing.

Flowing over the rocks and algae.

More swirling.

Looking back to the top.

from a bit further back.

Like a crest of a wave.

Moss on a side rock.

Looking up at the dam wall.

Thursday, 28 July 2011


From Marj's garden, 
a mirror in the water....

Dear reader   It's just to give you something to think about and reflect upon.
Obscure observer from who knows where.... that means you!, thanks for the support . 
But do try and find a way to comment.

Lots to think about.

Out And About.

Yesterday I was out driving with work, and just snapped a couple of pics out the window...
We drove  through the Yarra Valley out towards King Lake.

Little wisps of fog still floating around.

Past lots of vinyards.

Past Yarra Junction heading in the Yea direction.

From King Lake .

Lots of growth, but still lots of evidence of the terrible black saturday fires.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

It Was Foggy This Morning...

This morning on my way to work it was so cold and wintery, 
the trees were just appearing out of the fog.
I stopped and took some snaps.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Helebores' In Marjs' Garden....

Marj and I went out this morning, to gather some Twisted Willow from a couple of trees at the side of the road that I pass on my way to work.
As it happened, an unmarked Police car was sitting opposite the exact spot, taking photos of speeding motorists.
They didn't bother us though, and we gathered a good couple of bunches of decorative twigs.

Any way after all that I took some pics of Marjs' Hellebore collection.

The border, under the Maple.
A bit closer.
All tumbling together.

A prety double.

A georgeous single.

Beautiful colour.

Contrasting speckles.

More beautiful colour.

That's me holding the stem.

Another lovely double.

Pale and lovely.

A white.

Just beautifull.