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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A Lovely Morning Walk Around Birdsland...

More pics, hopefully something will make it into the local Bendigo Bank Calender.

The first bridge

Still water and reflection

With wood duck.

Waters' edge.
Looking up towards the hill.

So relaxing.


  1. I could just do with break and time out. I know I'm in the US in four weeks, but that will be work. Just looking at these photographs makes me yearn for a bit of space and peace (tho' we live with open country on our doorstep - it is not the same as going somewhere else!).

    We're going away at the end of Sept - with me living on a research grant and the future not rosy for the company my partner works for we have to be careful with the money and so rent a cottage somewhere at the low end of the season. We're looking at Wales or Scottish Borders at present. But it would be lovely if we could go away now.

    Thanks for these:


  2. Dear "P",
    thanks for the coment, it's great to hear from the outside world.
    It is lovely to think about time out, wherever you are, and I hope all that you've got planned ends up to be relaxing and amazing.
    Las Vegas, sounds interesting...but not quite you. And well Wales or Scotland sounds so much more on the money.
    As it happens I too am headed off on a bit of travel, my best friend and I will be spending time in Italy , France and Scotland in early September and October .
    We're getting prety excited (if not nervous).We will spend time with friends in Italy, and do a bit of touring around, then off to the south of France... then a bit of visiting with my daughter and her husband who are spending time in Edinburgh. Which for us will be amazing.