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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Out And About.

Yesterday I was out driving with work, and just snapped a couple of pics out the window...
We drove  through the Yarra Valley out towards King Lake.

Little wisps of fog still floating around.

Past lots of vinyards.

Past Yarra Junction heading in the Yea direction.

From King Lake .

Lots of growth, but still lots of evidence of the terrible black saturday fires.


  1. what a difference a day makes or maybe an hour or two. those misty wintery shots on your way to work look like a world away from the sunny bright blue of the day trip to king lake.i have just come inside from pulling off burnt nastutium leaves, the results of a couple of frosts.i am really looking forward to the lengthening of the days and the effect it will have on the garden. my happy winter plant is the lavender, the flowers are standing so tall and full.after your photas of the hellebores i was wishing they would manage up here but i think the climate is too different. (have to do some research).

  2. Thanks Buzza,
    It did end up a beautiful day, it would be nice if you could grow Hellebores, they are so hardy and beautiful.
    However if push comes to shove you could have a Lavender collection, Jo