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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Helebores' In Marjs' Garden....

Marj and I went out this morning, to gather some Twisted Willow from a couple of trees at the side of the road that I pass on my way to work.
As it happened, an unmarked Police car was sitting opposite the exact spot, taking photos of speeding motorists.
They didn't bother us though, and we gathered a good couple of bunches of decorative twigs.

Any way after all that I took some pics of Marjs' Hellebore collection.

The border, under the Maple.
A bit closer.
All tumbling together.

A prety double.

A georgeous single.

Beautiful colour.

Contrasting speckles.

More beautiful colour.

That's me holding the stem.

Another lovely double.

Pale and lovely.

A white.

Just beautifull.

1 comment:

  1. they are beautiful. nice to have flowers in winter. you do really have to stop and look close to see all the beauty. a casual glimpse across the clumps doesnt give up the shy loveliness. i have some pea flowers that are calling me closer in and the fun with that is when the flowers shrivel, yipee a pea pod! four discovered yesturday