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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Just Because The Weather's Miserable Doesn't Mean You Can't Remember The Joys Of Summer

Some Ideas With Strawberries.

Slice up some Strawberries,
 add a dash of Basalmic vinegar and just let them sit till you're ready to enjoy.
Make some  mini milk chocolate cups,
fill them with berry cream, then top with a choc dipped Strawberry .

Cut up a couple of Strawberries and place them in a glass,
add about a desert spoon of Strawberry Chilli Syrup.

Add a twist of Lemon Rind. 
Top up with champagne, or just something sparkling.

And You'll soon get all your happy summer thoughts back.

1 comment:

  1. did you know that the strawberry season around redcliffe way is in full swing in august and coming to an end as september draws to a close.we once were able to pick over some rows at a farm rhat would not be picked again commercially in the september school holidays.mind you those rows look impressive to joy is that at least four of my tomato plants survived the frosts. what to do with the 4 green tomatoes on the frosted plants,possibly enough green tomato chutney for one serve 'could be difficult to work out quantities.what was that movie with reference to green fried tomatoes.