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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Trying to get things together for the big trip.

Today I had the challenge of buying comfortable, casual shoes for the big trip away.
When faced with the decision, and taking into consideration the fact that I hate runners, I've gone with the little cut away black and white Converse.

And yes dear reader, I plan to do a lot of walking around the South of France.
Just bought this lovely map, and one of Italy too,
as well as a couple of phrase books.

We're getting excited.


  1. You know when you are wandering into middle-age when you pass a shoe shop, look in the window and think 'They look comfortable...'

    If you're going to wear chucks it's not a bad idea to invest in supported insoles if you are going to be doing a good deal of walking in them, as they don't provide much support for the foot... This can lead to a good deal of lower back and knee pain if the foot isn't adequately supported... Just a thought.


  2. Thanks 'P',
    It's not so much about geting old,( although of course I am)
    it's really that in some areas I can be a bit fussy,I hate runners, so this as as close as I'm prepared to go.
    I'll take your tip about the insoles though.
    I'm geting a bit excited only 10 sleeps to go....