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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Memory Lane...

After posting the" Models At Maroonda"....I was thinking about a day many years ago where Kathy, Penny and I took photos at Monsalvat.
I've dug up this one of me, throwing "Basil"(the fox) up in the air, outside the Great Hall.
It was so foggy and gloomy but somehow that all added to the atmosphere.
I must see if I can find the rest of the pics from that day.
Such crazy fun we had.
Ps, it's amazing how scanning works...I'm loving it.


  1. cant stop smiling.think i need some cheese and wine and a bit of performance poetry

  2. Thanks Buzza, it was fun wasn't it.
    I've found a couple more which I'll scan anon.

  3. oh. I love these photos so beautiful. Mum you are so beautiful..i miss basil. i sore some of his relatives the other day, they say hi

  4. Thanks'l have to send me a pic of you in the 'plum pudding'dress.
    Looking foward to seeing you, and Max is counting the sleeps.