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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Late Afternoon On The Terrace,

While in Umbria, we sampled the local produce, beautiful tomatoes,
 delicious cheese, fresh herbs, and white wine.

The ancient graprvine, provides a screen, and delicious fruit.

Simple but sublime.

The terrace, and the fig trees, also with delicious fruit.


  1. my favourites..Assisi looks amazingly magical.
    a sailor went to a si si...:)

  2. Thanks Muffin,
    Assisi was really special....

  3. Wow! The Italians sure appreciate the art of fine living.
    We've visited Ravenna, Bologna and Rome in Feb and April of this year, and Venice and Florence on other occasions.
    Assisi is next on my list, perhaps in April 2012.
    What lovely photographs!

  4. Thanks Anita,
    It's worth a look,