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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Some More Snaps Of How Rome Looked To Me,

These pics were taken on our second day. We caught a 'hop on hop off' bus, and to begin with sat in the open air on the top deck, however the day got so hot we ended up underneath in the shade.

Typical balcony under a window on the first floor, lots of stone, carving and wrought iron.
There are always shutters, and Marg was in love with the beautiful windows, which were all double glazed and had lots of practical features.

Typical doorway, more stone and carving.

Some buildings had a colourful surfacing, usually warm colours, ocre tones of red and yellow.

Quick snap of a window in a window, colour, carving,and shutters, as usual.

Miss Margaret sightseeing. Note the earplug for the guide information.

Complete with reflections from the bus windows, a typical street corner.

Every so often a door, or archway appeared on the street, which gave a glimpse into an internal courtyard, apparently they were originally built so that you could drive your horse and cart through.

What all the paths and roads are made of,
along with the typical pattern or arrangement of the stones.
Can you imagine negotiating these with high heels? lots of Roman ladies do.

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