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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Max is home in the morning..

I've missed him, and it's only a short turn over between his return and my departure.
I'm getting excited about seeing Alex and Grant...yea...

These pics are from skype.
Silly, Sad Muffin and Kunny..

Silly Happy, Muffin and Kunny.
(Maybe they're happy to get back to normal)


  1. hope they have a safe journey.

  2. Thanks 'P',
    Its only Max returning, Alex is staying in Edinburg, probably untill the new year.
    All things being well I'll see her in a months' time at the end of my travels.
    I'm starting to get to the nervous excited stage with the anticipation, and wondering if I'm remembering everything that needs to be done etc.
    I did get inserts for my Chucks, and am currently wearing them in, thanks for the advice, any more traveling tips are most welcome.