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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Three Ideas With Pear, Proschuitio, and Blue Costello...

These would all make ideal starters, or finishers, if you know what I mean.

This is Pear and Cranberry dice,
with crunchy Proschuitio and Blue Costello,
on a garlic rubbed oven toasted pitta square.
So yummy, the pear and cranberry is not too sweet, and just a nice crunch from the base.

This is Pear and Blue Costello, wrapped with Proschuitio,
on a red wine and lemon reduction.
This one is really delicious,
 the cinnamon in the sauce gives a warm sweetness, and everything is soft and creamy.

Last is a wholemeal baton wrapped with Proschuitio,
 with Pear, and Blue Costello.
With the salad it's a bit more substantial than the other two.

These were all delicious, and don't involve much cooking at all...
I think my favourite is the middle one.

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