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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Oanges And Lemons, Or Rather Jewellery And Lemons...

This morning I've got the camera out and started taking photos of some of my jewellery, see if you can guess what's $10.00, from Target.

So much colour.

Just right for an Indian princess.

Happy birthday from Marg.

Crystal earrings from Tree Of Life.

White Topaz ring from Tree Of Life, and engraved pendant from Renae.
Rings from Ishka.

Tiny bells on a bracelet from Ishka.

Hand Made necklace with glass heart bead, from Lib.

Silver canister pendant on Belcher chain, from Hobnobs.

Containing a lock of my dear John Bradfields hair.

Everything tumbling about,
the ring(red) and the earrings(orange and turquoise),
 are from you guessed it, Target.


  1. lucy and I were out shopping this morning and we saw some beautiful big rings which made me think of you.

  2. That's nice," thanks for the good wishes..."
    I mean it's so nice to hear from you and love to Lucy.