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Sunday, 14 August 2011

My Idea Of What To Do With Black Rice....

The other day I was in Dandenong, and called into an Indian Grocers.
I bought a few things one of which was a packet of Black rice.

For lunch today I decided to make....

Chicken and Black Rice Soup, over Wilted Rocket.

Apparently its a type of rice that still has the husk, it's popular in Thailand.
The colour that it imparts is quite purple, so it looked a bit like Beetroot soup.

I fried off some onion and garlic,
Then added diced chicken.
Then some stock, and a handful of black rice.
It takes longer to cook and you just have to simmer it and keep a bit of an eye on it.
I also added a spoon of curry paste, then the juice of half a lemon.
I added an egg, whisked through at the end.
Then ladled it over a bed of rocket leaves.
It was delicious.

A close up of the cooked rice.

You can see a jar of the dry rice in the background.

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