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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Taking The Tripod To St Kilda.....

This afternoon I went for a drive with a friend to St Kilda.
We walked along the pier and I set up the tripod to take some snaps of the view, see what you think.
(The little portable tripod is amazing, great to use and light enough to carry around without breaking your arm)

Looking over at the Marina.

Looking back towards the beach, the clouds were amazing.

More Marina, apparently there are people who live on their boats out here.

Old bollard and sparkly water reflections.

The top deck of the Kiosk.

View back towards the kiosk

Looking down the pier

The Old cafes and day spa etc.

One of the sailing boats out on the water.

Looking back at the Espy(the old white building),
where Max and his band have played a few gigs.


  1. I presume it is called St Kilda because some of the refugees from St Kilda in the Outer Hebredies settled there?

    The photos hint of summer on its way - the view from window hints of Autumn soon to come...


  2. Should read: 'the view from MY window...' sorry typo...

  3. Thanks 'P'
    I believe that St Kilda was named after a schooner Lady of St Kilda, which was in turn named in honour of Lady Grange, who was imprisoned on the island of St Kilda by her husband in 1734-1742.
    The schooner was moored at the main Melbourne beach for much of 1841, and somehow the name stuck.
    So you are right in a kind of round about way about the Outer Hebredies.