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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Sometimes we do things that we look back on differently...I just thought this was using what was available....

I thought at the time this was just a daisy chain.

It turned out to be a wreath.

Simple, beautiful....and an expression of love.

Always try to do the simple things,  they have special meaning in the long run.


  1. good morning mith j. coffee and catch up (actually pancakes and coffee - all ben's fault) its dull and cold today. the only bit of bright colour is the vase of nasturtiums on the kitchen window -orange stained glass bright with there own little treasure box of memories. i wish life could be so styled and framed like a photo to cut out the mess and filth. I'm off to warm up with some good honest hard work and hopefully deal with some of that will warm everything up so I will get going with that as well. thanks for the beauty.

  2. I see it looks like I am a complete lush having breakfast at 11:31, but who said becoming a first time published writer was going to be easy or swift

  3. Thanks Buzza...what's this about first time published writer?
    Well done you!.

  4. jo when you post a comment it says it has been published

  5. Ok...I was thinking ou were writing poetry or something,
    maybe you should consider it!
    ps so nice to hear from

  6. By th word"ou" I mean you, sorry to quick to post.

  7. And by the word"th" I mean the.