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Friday, 3 June 2011

Autumn in the city

Marg and Rob... (deep in conversation)

Last weekend we ended up walking up St Kilda Rd towards the Shrine in the autumn it's welcome to winter


  1. thanks for the glimpse mith j. love you.

  2. I know I am being a Northern Hemisphere, season fascist, but it does sound so weird to hear June described as 'autumn'... A friend in NZ keeps going on about her wonderful 'autumn colours' in her garden. From where I am sitting, looking out across oak woods, the trees are verdant green at present. And altho' I love autumn, let's keep in in October, where it belongs - for us northerners at any rate!

    Good piccies!


  3. Buzza...lovely to hear from you, do you have your own blog yet?

    Peter, thanks for the encouragement...But what else do you call it when the leaves are so golden...Fall?