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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Fillet of Roo, And Salad....

Marinate some kangaroo fillets with garlic, grated lemon rind
(about half a lemons worth),ground pepper, and olive oil.
Prepare some mushrooms, slice an onion,
 and make a tomato, black olive and onion salad, dress with vinaigrette.
And prepare some salad leaves.
When your ready, fry the meat, about 4 minutes a side and set aside to rest.
Then fry off the onion and mushrooms.
Toss the salad and leaves together.
Top with the onion and mushroom, then add slices of the meat.
More pepper and a squeese of lemon, enjoy.

Marinating the meat.

Shitake mushrooms.

Tomato, onion,and black olives.

Salad tossed together.

Topped with onion and mushroom.

And Roo.

It was delicious.

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