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Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Market And Town....

The weekend that we stayed in Chieri, there was a special festival,
 and that also involved a market on the Sunday.
Looking down the street towards one of the old churches.

Things carved from olive wood.

This stall was full of delicious Biscotti.

These were like a chocolate almond shortbread, and we bought a bag to share.

From a bread stall.

Salami, the one on the left had Truffle in it and we tasted some, an unusual and strong sort of fragrant flavour.

One of the vegie stalls.
These Capsicum were huge, one weighed 800grm.

Various regional cheeses.

Honestly cant remember what this wasI think it's some sort of baking.

Bread and salami.
Looking back up the street, towards another church.

A lady spinning Hemp, she tried to talk to us, but it was lots of gesturing really.

A man weaving baskets around bottles.

A Carding machine.

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