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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Some Photos of Maria Maggiore In Rome.

This churchs' dome dominated some of the skyline in the area where we stayed,
and we heard the church bells ring in the morning.
 These were taken on our second day in Rome,
 some from the bus, and some from a late afternoon visit.

The dome.
 In these places so much of your time is spent looking up.

Some of the detail of the building.

Mary, sitting way up high.

More's pretty huge.

Mary and Jesus.

Papal keys.
So much gold it was mind boggling.

The mosaic in the apse.

One of the colonnades.

Stairs down to the crypt.

The relic of Jesus' manger is inside this golden casket.( that's the story, anyway.)

A shaft of afternoon light in one of the chapels.

The many visitors.

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