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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

My Trip Advisor...

In Edinburgh, we stayed at the 'Edinburgh Explorer' serviced apartments, which were fabulous.
Great location, and a lovely place to get your bearings, right in the middle of town.
(I'm biased because Grant did the renovating... and Alex helped with the furnishing, well done both of you!)
The lounge room.

Gorgeous lounge suites.

View across the road.

Attention to detail,  (thanks Cedric).

 Buildings directly opposite.
The kitchen.
And shuttered windows.

Street name ... (Royal Mile)....

The actual Royal Mile.

The apartment is on the second floor (above the arched windows),
access through the door between the telephone boxes at street level.
There they are.

Just me and the camera in one of the three bedrooms.
(It's a mirror image that's why the spellings wrong.)

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