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Monday, 14 November 2011

My Take On St Peters'....

We started our tour at the Vatican Museum, and wandered through kilometers of art. Working our way back to the Sistine Chapel, and St Peters'.The crowds grew thicker and we grew more tired...Finally we made it...and were suitably overwhelmed.However It was so over the top, in grandeur, and excess that I didn't  really warm to it at all.

I think I felt a lack of human my photos I'm interested in where the people are, what they're doing and how dwarfed they are by the architectural scale.

I'm showing you in sepia, I think it enhances the mood I'm trying to convey.

The lines of people look like ants.

Lost in the piazza.

Everything looks like Gothic Horror.

Although, the water was fabulous, so cold on a hot day.

Great towering walls.

All fairly imposing.

One of the domes.

Just need some 'vampire' music.

Everyone seems a bit lost.

Like they're about to run away from something.
So much chaotic jostling.

It looks like some sort of impending doom.

Looking ominous,
Like the roofs going to fall in.

Again the people look like ants.

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