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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Cooking Lessons In Umbria....

When we stayed in Assisi, we had a cooking lesson with Letizia, our host at 'La Madonna Di Piati'.
We made a Lasagna Bianca, and pears poached in white wine.
The main thing was making fresh pasta, bit tricky, but it tasted fantastic.

Letizia combining ingredients for the pasta.

Pears peeled and cored with lemon zest, waiting to be poached.

We used local air cured beef, as the meat component

With zucchini and garlic

Lightly pan fried....

Marg making a beautiful pasta sheet.

Adding layers of pasta, zucchini,beef, cheese and B├ęchamel sauce.

Entre, in the dining room, served on beautifully tiled tables.

Local salami, and pancceta, with tapenade.

Local cheese with honey.

Ham and figs from the garden, and bread with olive oil.

The figs were beautifuly sweet.

The happy gathering, we all laughed so much.

The lasagna.


  1. What a gorgeous meal. It would depress me to expend so much passion and attention on something so quickly consumed, though I love good food, and am grateful that there are people who do have a passion for producing wonderfully good food.
    Your blog tempts me to travel again!

  2. Thanks for the comment Anita,
    it's all about the love...and weather the experience lasts a long tinme or is over quickly, it remains in the memory forever.
    That goes for food and travel.