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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Back to Vaughn Springs, one year on...

Yesterday I was on my way to Bendigo, and I took a detour to Vaughn Springs.
I visited the cemetery for the anniversary of Johns' burial.

Thankfully a different sort of a day in lots of ways.
It was the sort of quiet where you hear the birds really loudly. And you notice the soft breeze and the sun falling softly on your face.

Very peaceful.
The view looking back towards the road.

Such a beautiful bush setting
The view looking straight up.

Soft grass, and native flowers, in the late sun.

I made a  bush wreath out of what was at hand.

John's mums' headstone.

And his dads' headstone, they were made from the same piece of rock.

I had intense feelings of happiness and sadness all at the same time, which seems a bit confusing, but it was OK.
Thanks to everyone for your support and friendship over the last 12 months.

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