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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Le's Vietnamese Street Food....

I had lunch with Marj in Belgrave at Le's...

There was a bit of a celebration going on...and they had free tastings.
This was a delicious pork dish.
Can't quite remember what this was called but it was tasty as well.

Spring Rolls...yummy.

Pork broth simmered for 7 hours with just the right spice balance...
A hint of Cinnamon and Star Anise.

The menu, lots to choose from,
next time I'm going to have the traditional Vietnamese Coffee.

We enjoyed Rice Paper Rolls with Roast Duck.

And a spicy sauce.

Also a bowl of Laksa, with Fish, Squid, Prawns Tofu and vegetables...all just delicious.
It's great to have this gorgeous food available in the hills.

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