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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Something With Sweet Potato...

Stuffed Sweet Potato with herb dip on Sourdough. 

Sweet Potato.Onion, Parsley, Sage Thyme and Basil.
Garlic and Preserved Lemon.
Cook the Sweet Potato until its tender, Scoop out the centre.

Process the Parsley Onion Garlic and Herbs with a piece of Preserved Lemon.
Combine the herb mix with some Greek Yogurt and stuff the potato.
Top that with a bit of blue cheese and re heat.
Add the chopped Sweet Potato Centre with some Sumac ,
and you have a delicious dip, to put on the bread.

And enjoy,
it's surprisingly good the lemon has a bit of a salty taste,
 and the sweetness of the potato and the cheese is a winning combination.

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