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Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Upper Chapel...

Looking back at Sainte Chapelle, in particular the Upper Chapel.

Lots of gold and it seems that every surface is covered in painting or sculpture or some ornate decoration.
Internal staircase.

Lots of sculptured figures (I don't know who this represents).

Painting of biblical scenes and painted drapes.

Christ on his throne.

Decoration and detail, always rich colours.

One of the sculptured figures.

Looks like Moses lifting up the snake in the desert.

One of the doors.

little angels all decorating this arch.

Another arch with lots of decoration.

Angels holding up the crown of thorns.
( Originally the relic of the crown of thorns was kept at Sainte Chapelle)
This is what the floor looks like.
Painting on an arch.
Painting of a figure, with jewels set into the border.

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