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Monday, 4 November 2013

Down On The Farm...

Yesterday I visited a beautiful property in Trida,
 it's between Warrigal and Leongatha, and the views are sensational.

The view looking down over the dam.
Despite the weather being all over the place,
I still managed to have a good look around. 

The residents include 4 pretty large pigs, which were happily snuggled down in their shed.
Looking across one of the dams.

This little calf had just been born, and was still a bit wet.
The mother cow was very protective, so we kept our distance.

There's a little stream at the bottom of the gully
and if you follow it around, you can see a couple of small waterfalls.
More of the cows, calves and even the bull.

A nanny goat with her 2 kids.

The view from the top of the hill looking out towards the neighbouring properties.

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