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Monday, 28 March 2011

Back to Earthly Pleasures today

I went out for coffee with Marj and Marg,
 we sat inside today and I took some more shots.
this is my first self timed photo, not quite the focus I want but ok

Mug of flat white extra hot

the fireplace, and yes there was a fire

looking out the back from inside

Tulips on the mantlepiece

more flowers

looking out to the front terrace, with the ghosts of the prayer flags

the stairs to the gallery level

the gallery

window decoration ( one of Penny s' dragonflies)

out the back

more of the beautiful fountain

 an upstairs table with special memories
Then Marj came home with me to have some risotto,
 I did get to share it after all, nice.


  1. Absolutely Love the tap on the tank shot and the fountain and most especially the girl with the cat. You have a talent for capturing the everyday and making it something special.